Do You Know the Effects of Scalp Massage Comb?


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The air cushion comb is a very popular multi-function comb, which is a great scalp massage comb. Here we introduce some effects of scalp massage comb.

1. Massaging Scalp
Using massage comb with no static electricity, can effectively stimulate acupuncture points. It can also help to promote blood circulation of head cortex, smooth passage, refresh, adjust blood.

2. Preventing Hair Loss.
The top of the comb is round,and the comb tooth distribution is uniform.Regular use will relax and reduce the effects of decompression, It can also promote the blood circulation of the head and relieve fatigue. When combing hair, you will not feel pain. And it is also possible to massage the scalp, promote the blood circulation of the head, and reduce the hair loss. As it stimulates scalp blood flow to give all the nutrients your hair need in order to grow.

3. Suitable for Everyone
This kind of massage comb is suitable for each person use. The hair brush has a large and ergonomic handle. It is very easy to grab and doesn’t slip off your hand, comfortable and easy to use.

With these effects of scalp massage comb, we recommend that you use this air cushion comb if you need. Here are some massage hair brushs we produce. For more product information, please leave us a message: or directly contact us:

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