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Biodegradable Cotton Buds Cotton Swabs with Wooden Sticks

  • Environmental Friendly: These are plastic-free cotton buds, 100% biodegradable products that won’t pollute our oceans.


  • Safety Natural Cotton: These soft, gentle cotton tips are completely hypoallergenic, suitable for everyone use.


  • Multi-purpose Cotton Swabs: Meeting wide variety of needs, great for applying makeup, cleaning your ears, and as a tool for your art and crafts project.

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Product Description

Item: Spiral Head Cotton Buds

Model Number: ECW-52

Material: Wooden stick & Cotton tip

Pack: 200 cotton swabs per paper can




Product Application

Cotton buds are widely used, including household cleaning, cleaning ears, first aid and so on, spiral head cotton swabs help deep cleaning. There are many other uses waiting for you to explore.

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