Bamboo is great as a toothbrush because it grows super fast, over a yard per day that’s over 3 feet every single day. Bamboo works great as a toothbrush because it naturally repels water, and doesn’t splinter.

Bamboo toothbrush is a great substitute of plastic toothbrush while getting the same brushing experience with a traditional plastic brush that you’re used to using.


Typical hair combs are usually made of plastic, which will produce static electricity, even breaking and damaging your precious locks. If you want a hair comb that is gentle on your hair, choosing the wood comb or bamboo comb will be a good idea.

Using biodegradable combs, not only beneficial to your hair care, but also beneficial to environmental protection.


Are you finding a great razor to gain the closest and most relaxing shave? Traditional shaving is more respectful of both your skin and environment. We can provide what you need! 

Our wooden and bamboo razor will offer you great shaving experience. Not like plastic razors which are impossible to recycle and harmful to our mother earth, our safety razors are lifetime durable.

cotton buds


Natural plastic-free cotton buds with wooden stick or paper stick. All materials are sustainable, biodegradable and eco-friendly, free from harmful substances and safe to use.

Pack of 100, 200, 500 or 1000, hygienic and convenient, great for personal use or home use. These cotton swabs are tough enough to easily bend but not easily broken.


Made of 100% biodegradable and compostable paper materials, non-toxic and odor-free. It’s a great ecological alternative to reduce plastic consumption and ocean pollution.

Paper straws also have a wide application, including daily drinks for juices, coffee and more. They are great for birthday parties, wedding receptions, picnics, etc

paper straws